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Steam Pressure Washing Compounds
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Steam Pressure
Washing Compounds

Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing Compound
Neutral ph Janitorial Detergent

A liquid detergent-solvent blend for use in any type of pressure-discharge or spray equipment where foam is acceptable. Use hot or cold. Use at any concentration on painted surfaces and bare metals including aluminum and other soft metals and alloys. Use on glass, plastics, rubber, ceramics, masonry, textiles, coated fabrics and similar. An excellent janitorial cleaner for all surfaces. Harmless to normal skin.

Typical Uses

Cars Walls Trash Carts Parts in Process Windows
Trucks Floors Air Ducts Heat Exchangers Skylites
Busses Ceilings Filters Grocery Carts Stairs
Planes Ramps Radiators Refrigerators Cages
Boats Washrooms Machinery Display Cases Barns
Tractors Kitchens Sumps Storage Bins Tarps

Performance Properties

Cardiblitz dissolves instantly in hot or cold water; its flow rate assures consistent, accurate dilutions when fed through a metering pump or suction device such as a venturi injector.

At recommended use dilutions it provides:

  • Quick wetting, penetration, dispersion, suspension and emulsification of dirt.
  • Solvent-booster action to remove the thin, adherent surface film
    which resists removal by detergents and pressure alone.
  • Foam sufficient to show the area sprayed.
  • Quick, virtually spot-free rinsing due to low surface tension
    and deactivation of calcium and other hard-water ions.

Recommended Use Dilutions

Dilute in water to suit the job. The dilution required depends on the quantity and type of dirt, porosity of the surface, soak time allowed, pressure and temperature. Recommended per gallon of solution..

To remove light dirt from non-porous surfaces such as windows or ceramic tile walls 1 oz/gal = 1:127 water.
For most jobs on hard, non-porous surfaces 2 oz/gal = 1:63 water.
For oily conditions such as the dirt on machinery, exhaust fans, filters and ducts, and for porous surfaces such as tarps or concrete 6 oz/gal = 1:20 water.
For drive-thru car washes with power brushes:
Recirculation systems ½ oz/gal = 1:255 water.
Once-thru systems ¼ oz/gal = 1:511 water.
For abnormal conditions see below.

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