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Rust Stripper

Cardite Neutro-Strip
A pH neutral rust remover designed to strip red rust off ferrous metals. This product is very user friendly and addresses the health and safety issues associated with most rust strippers available in the market today. Neutro-Strip's mild aqueous formula is also versatile allowing it to be used in both soak and spray applications with or without heat. Neutro-Strip may be mixed with water to suit the job ranging from stripping light flash rust to heavy rust and pitting.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

Cardite Rust Strip
An acidic rust remover that is especially formulated for use on ferrous metals only. Cardite Rust-Strip is a phosphate bsed rust remover that efficiently removes all levels of rus while leaving a light phosphate coating that provides short term rus protection. Cardite Rust-Strip can also be painted over acting, like a light primer coating. CAUTION: Do not use on aluminum or other nonferrous metals and alloys.

Typical Applications: Can be used in a soak appliication as well as spray applications.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

Metalterj #612

Scale Removal
Use on heating coils, heat exchangers, spray washers, diswashers, pumps, valves, pipes, and similar equipment. Metalterj #612 is effective against complex mixtures of scale. It removes both rust and waterborne mineral deposits, usually calcium and magnesium.

Rust Removal
Use on all iron and steel surfaces. Use full strength or diluted up to 1:20 water depending on quantity of rust, time available, temperature of the cleaning solution, and degree of agitation provided by the method used.

Apply by any method that will keep the surface wet long enough to remove the rust. Scrubbing or any type of agitation hastens removal. When clean, rinse with tap water and apply a suitable rust inhibitor.

Oxidation Removal
Recommended for copper, brass, and bronze. Use only with caution on other metals. Metalterj #612 may discolor aluminum and other soft metals and alloys.

Dilute about 1:20 water depending on degree of oxidation and speed required. Metalterj #612 is usually used by immersing parts, but any method of application may be used. When clean and bright rinse with tap water.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

Metal Brighteners

Metalterj #2081
Brightens copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, other metals and alloys. Removes oxidation from all metals. Very fast action on aluminum. Removes light soil, rust, and other oxides which cause the dulling of metallic luster. Does not remove heavy, oily dirt. If the metal is very dirty it should be cleaned first with Metalbrite #2081. The dilution required will depend on the amount and type of oxidation, temperature of the metal surface, soak time allowed, and degree of agitation applied. Contains penetrants and blended acids.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

Cardite #623
Removes soap film, light oil films, water spots, rust stains, metal tarnish, light rust and other oxides. Use on all metals including aluminum and soft alloys; use on painted surfaces, glass, rubber, plastics, concrete, porcelain, ceramic tile, asphalt tile, vinyl tile, circuit boards, and other materials known to be safe in dilute phosphoric acid solutions.

ONLY WHEN NECESSARY, after common detergents have failed, USE WITH CAUTION on marble, terrazzo, oxychloride, and magnesite. Careless use will cause pitting; avoid long exposure, rinse and neutralize at once with an alkaline detergent.

CAUTION! If used for regular cleaning of grouted surfaces, the surface must be sealed to prevent gradual deterioration of the grout. This effect on grout is typical of soap-film removers; soap film is principally calcium carboxylates formed by the calcium in hard water reacting with the fatty acids in soap. An effective soap-film remover must chelate of "dissolve" calcium; calcium is also a component of the Portland cements commonly used as grout.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

An industrial strength multi-purrpose cleaner and descaler designed to remove calcium and lime build up, as well as rust stripping and general cleaning applications.

Highly recommended for the following applications:

  • Hard water salt remover
  • Rust stripping
  • Cleaning and neutralizing urine deposites
  • Aluminum and yellow metal brightening
  • Cleaning and passivation of stainless steeel
  • General cleaning and stain removing
  • Concrete floor cleaning and etching
  • Concrete truck and equipment cleaning

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk


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