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Aqueous Rust Inhibitors

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Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

Water Based Inhibitor
For protection against rust when stored inside at ambient temperatures and humidity. Inhibitors should be applied immediately after cleaning when possible. In many processes, a simple method of application is to add Rust Inhibitors to final rinse water.


Used as received, dry to the touch, mono-molecular rust inhibitor. ProTech-D rust inhibitor is intended to protect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals against corrosion on production parts and assemblies as well as raw stock. ProTech-D will provide up to mid-term rust protection and may be used in soak as well as spray applications providing the following benefits; dry to the touch and nearly imperceptible on both steel and cast iron. ProTech-D is an odorless, non-combustible, user and environmental friendly inhibitor which is much cleaner to use when compared to messy petroleum based inhibitors. ProTech-D can be removed easily with the mildest of cleaners or even in some cases, warm water.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

All the benefits and characteristics of ProTech-D taken one step further by making it a highly concentrated aqueous inhibitor. The concentrated inhibitor package allows the user to custom blend with water to suit the application ranging from in-process up to mid-term rust protection. The ability and ease of custom blending concentrations make this product both very flexible, as well as extremely economical.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

ProCleanse-RP is an all metal safe combo-cleaner and rust inhibitor capable of removing all types of oily soils; vegetable oils, animal fats, petroleum products and other common industrial soils while providing exceptional corrosion protection. ProCleanse-RP eliminates the need to use a tandern cleaner and designated rust inhibitor by providing both in one easy to use aqueous product.

Typical Applications: ProCleanse-RP is especially recommended for use in multi-stage washer systems. Use in soak tanks or spray washers. Recommended for all common methods including ultrasonic cleaning where superior cleaning and corrosion inhibiting is required.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

Solvent Based Inhibitor

Cardite Preventol
A blend of solvents, oils and inhibitors which leave a light, dry to the touch rust proofing film for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is designed to provide up to long term rust inhibition and may be applied in soak applications as well as being sprayed. However, if sprayed, adequate ventilation is required. Cardite Preventol's formula is water displacing, nearly odorless, and finger print neutralizing. Cardite Preventol dries quickly and can be easily removed with alkaline cleaners or solvent degreasers.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

Preventol-BF is a barium free solvent based rust inhibitor that is especially formulated for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Preventol-BF is a blend of solvents., oxidized hydrocarbons, and proprietary inhibiors that leaves a self-healing, light, dry to the touch film. Prentol-BF is water displacing, non-emulsifiable, nearly odorless, and finger print neutralizing. Preventol-BF is designed for indoor rust protection, as well as high humidity envoronments. Preventol-BF will provide up to 1 year of indoor rust protection depending on packaging, storage and atmospheric conditions.

PERFORMANCE DATA: ASTM D-1748 Humidity Cabinet results; 60+ days to failure at 120° F/49°C and 100% relative humidity. Film thickness; 1.79 microns, or 0.072 mils.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

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