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These products provide high-performance cleaning of all types of inks in spray and mechanical wash systems at a reasonable cost. Ink-Away #256 is more aggressive and less expensive but must be used with caution on aluminum and other soft metals. Ink-Away #288 is more pleasant to use and is usually safe for all metals.

The Ink-Aways provide excellent separation of oils for longer charge life and lower disposal costs. Both products are very low foamers, and free rinsing. The ink-Aways are occupationally and environmentally superior to most alternative products. Both products incorporate biodegradable surfactants with a non-combustible booster solvent. These products have none of the component workplace hazards associated with competitive cleaners.


Use a 4% - 10% concentration for spray washing tubs, pans, or drums, depending on the ink. Oil-based "commercial" inks with driers should be scraped and cleaned as soon as possible after use. Pans should be inverted for maximum drainage and washed at 180-200F with high pressure. An efficient system will be filtered and equipped for oil skimming and sludge collection. Properly prepared pans can be cleaned in 15 minutes or less.


Mechanical brush systems will use a 25% initial charge for cleaning most inks at ambient temperature. Replace lost solution with water only until performance drops. (Some plants have run up to 10 months on original charge.) Add in 5 gal. increments to restore performance. Elevated temperature, recirculation, filtering, skimming, and sludge collection are less critical but are always an advantage for efficient cleaning.


Manual cleaning (spray, scrub, wipe, and rinse) may require full strength material for optimum removal of some oils or many dried inks.


These products perform well in ink plants in automatic floor scrubbers. Concentrations will vary from 1oz to 3oz per gallon of solution depending on severity of conditions. Performance is good at ambient temperature, best with heated solution.


Ink-Away #256 will completely remove most inks from most fabrics, including 100% cotton and permanent press uniforms. Soaking with a 25% solution (or less) will usually remove 100% of the ink with no harm to the fabric or original dye. Dilutions ranging to 1:60 parts water may be effective in high temperature machine wash applications.

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