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Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

Heavy Duty Liquid Detergent - Nonflammable Degreaser

At lower concentrations, Atlas is suitable for general maintenance uses, and yet, at higher concentrations, it is such an efficient degreaser that it can frequently replace flammable petroleum solvents and toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Typical Applications

Floors Others
Asphalt Brick Concrete Machinery Hard Metals Rubber Tools Sumps
Terrazzo Cork* Marble Engines Painted Metal Leather Parts Hoods
Magnesite Slate Parquet* Trucks Painted Wood Plastic Walls Tires
Quarry Tile Stone Resin Conveyors Print Presses Masonry Ducts Motors
Wood Block* Vinyl Rubber Filters Wash Basins Porcelain Tanks Flues
Linoleum Wood* Ceramic Bilges Lite Fixtures Glass Vats Ovens

*must be sealed

Active Components & Performance Properties

Contains buffered alkalies, organic chelating and sequestering agents, organic solvent, and a synergistic blend of anionic and nonionic wetting agents, penetrants and emulsifiers. Low viscosity assures instant solubility in hot or cold water and consistently accurate dilutions when fed through a metering pump or suction device such as a venturi injector.

At recommended dilutions, Atlas provides:

  • Quick wetting, penetration, dispersion, suspension and emulsification of dirt.
  • Moderate to low foam at all temperatures.
  • Quick, virtually spot-free rinsing and scale-free equipment -- due to low surface tension and deactivation of calcium and other hard-water ions.

Recommended Use Dilution

Dilute in water to suit the job. Quantity required depends on the quantity and type of dirt, porosity of the surface, soak time allowed, cleaning method and temperature. Hot solutions are better for oily dirt because heat makes oils less viscous and hence easier to disperse in water. Trial will indicate the most efficient dilution for a specific job. Test for color fastness before using strong solutions on paint.

General Recommendations per Gallon of Solution
For moderately soiled, non-porous materials such as painted surfaces, plastics and metals, at least: 1 oz/gal = 1:127 water

For most heavy duty cleaning, at least: 4 oz/gal = 1:31 water

As replacement for flammable/toxic solvents used for cold-cleaning ferrous and other hard metals, up to: Full Strength.

Routine Maintenance of Waxed Floors
If floors are maintained regularly with a detergent-resistant, metal-interlock finish, complete removal of finish is rarely needed: use Atlas at 1 to 4 oz/gal to remove dirt but not the finish -- floor will dry with adequate gloss or will be in a condition that permits restoring gloss by dry buffing or applying only one coat of finish.

Routine Maintenance of Unwaxed Floors
Normally, use Atlas at 1 to 4 oz/gal. But dilutions up to 1/2 oz/gal = 1:255 water may be adequate for floors scrubbed frequently with stiff brushes, especially if hot water is used.

Wax Removal
"Wax Removal", meaning the complete removal of wax or finish, is rarely required and rarely actually done; products called "wax strippers" are usually similar to Atlas -- they remove dirt and some waxes but require the addition to ammonia for efficient removal of detergent-resistant, metal-interlock finishes. Atlas at 4 to 16 oz/gal plus ammonia at 4 to 8 oz/gal. For more efficient wax removal, see Ammodet or Waxstrip #62; Waxstrip #62 can be used where ammonia odor must be avoided.

Very Dirty Floors
Use 4 to 16 oz/gal. The dilution required for a specific job depends on the kind, age, and quantity of dirt. Apply freely, let soak 4-10 minutes, scrub with strip pad or suitable brush, pick up and rinse. If using an autoscrubber and dirt can not be removed in a single pass, double-scrub by laying solution with vacuum off, let soak 5-10 minutes, re-scrub and pick up on second pass.

Greasy Concrete or Wood Block
If heavily coated with packed oily or greasy dirt, solvent-degreasers such as Cardisolv #CKE or #RTU or #RSE are more efficient.

Machinery & Walls
Normally, 2 to 8 oz/gal. But if surface is so dirty that too much time is required to clean at normal dilutions, pre-spray with a stronger solution, or straight if necessary, then soak, scrub if needed, and rinse clean. Use any common equipment or method such as pressure washer, steam cleaner, spray washer, spray or brush application. Motors and electric parts must be well rinsed and warm-air dried.

Use 6 to 24 oz/gal, hot if possible. Recirculate or scrub until loosened, rinse clean. In exceptional cases, use Atlas full strength.

Parts Cleaning
Use to clean ferrous, cuprous and other hard metals; not recommended for aluminum or magnesium. Four to 16 oz/gal is usually adequate.

Paint Removal
Removes some water-base paints and a few oil-base. Use full strength. At 180F, 10-minute immersion is usually enough; at room temperature, several hours.

Whitewall Tires
Use at 1:3 water. Apply with sprayer or brush, Wire brush for curb scuffs. Rinse aluminum or mag wheels at once. If prompt rinsing is not feasible, use Tirewhite.

Physical Properites - Solution Properties - DOT Class - Precautions

Color and State: red liquid Flow Rate at 68F/20C: water rate x 1
Odor: faint citrus Freeze-Thaw Recovery: complete
Specific Gravity: 1.04 Stability: biodegradable
pH, as is/1% sol: 13.1/9 Fire Hazard: noncombustible
Freeze Point: 28F/-2C Solubility In Water: miscible
DOT-Hazard label: none Solubility In Hydrocarbons: negligible

Solution Properties* Atlas per Gallon Solution Water
1oz 2oz 4oz 6oz 12oz Only
pH 9.0 11.0 11.4 12.1 12.7 7.3
Surface Tension, dynes per cm 30 28 28 28 28 72
Wet Time @ 60F, seconds 8 6 4 3 2 9000

*Test water... pH 7.3. Hardness 8 grains/gal = 137 ppm; as calcium carbonate.
*Wet Time... Time to sink 2cm-OD ball rolled from 4x10cm strip of Kraft towel.

Alkaline liquid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, especially in undiluted form. In case of contact, flush with water; eyes for at least 15 minutes. For uses where hands must be immersed, wear rubber or neoprene glove. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!

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