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Liquid Spray Wax for Automotive Finishes

For automatic spray waxing of cars; most common use is in drive-thru car washes. It produces a higher gloss and is longer lasting than any type of cold spray wax. It is also superior to cold spray waxes in other properties: it provides better beading, increased rust resistance, and improved water repelling properties.

To Use

Prepare feed solution by mixing one part Hot Spray Wax with 4 parts water. If mixed in a drum a 1:4 mixture is equivalent to 11 gallons Hot Spray Wax mixed with 44 gallons water to make 55 gallons feed solution. Use hot or cold water; hot is recommended for easier mixing. Mix well until a uniform solution is secured as indicated by a uniform color.

Hot Spray Wax may be used in cold water, but for best results, the spray wax water must be hot, about 150°F/65°C.

Apply feed solution just before the car enters the dryer. Apply by injecting 15 ounces of feed solution into the spray wax water; or, if a separate spray wax cycle is not used, inject into the last 3 gallons of the rinse water. Blow dry.

At these rates of dilution and application, the quantity of Hot Spray Wax actually applied is 3 ounces per car.


Clear, green liquid. Mild odor. Non-flammable. Moderate viscosity.

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