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Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

Booster Solvent

Add to detergent solutions to boost their effectiveness in removing substances that are difficult or impossible to remove with detergent solutions alone. See "Typical Applications" below for substances removed.

Add to solutions of alkaline detergents such as Metalterj #222 or Metalterj #286; it is harmless to all metals. Use at any temperature up to the boiling point of the mixture; effectiveness increases as temperature rises.

Quantity Required
Normally from 1% to 20% of the volume of the cleaning solution.
The most cost-effective concentration of Cardisolv #4850 depends on the quantity and the properties of the substance to be removed, on other components of the cleaning solution, on porosity of the surface, temperature, soak time, and the degree of agitation applied by the cleaning method. Initial trial is recommended using Cardisolv #4850 at 10% of the volume of the detergent solution; increase or decrease to find the most cost-effective concentration.

Typical Applications
Some of these substances may require Pre-Solv solvents to liquefy or soften the substance before washing; some may require a washing temperature over 180°F. A substance may be listed under more than one name.

Acrylic Resins Latexes Polyvinylidene Chloride Resins
Adhesives Lacquers Polyvinyl Formal Resins
Asphalts Methacrylates Polyvinyl Butyral Resins
Alkyd Resins Methacrylic Resins Polyvinyl Alcohol Resins
Butadiene-Styrene Resins Nitrocellulose Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone Resins
Butyrates Nitrocellulose Resins Polycarbonate Resins
Cellulose Resins Nitrile Rubber Resins Polystyrene Resins
Cellulose-Acetate Resins Oils Polyethylene Resins
Cumarone-Indene Resins Paints Resins
Chlorinated Rubber Resins Plasticizers Styrene
Enamels Petroleum Oils Silicone Resins
Ethyl Cellulose Resins Plastics Intermediates Synthetic Rubber Resins
Epoxies Paraffins Tar
Epoxy Resins Phenolics Urea-Formaldehyde Resins
Ethylene Oxide Polymeric Resins Polyurethanes Urethane Resins
Gums Polyvinyl Resins Varnishes
Inks Polyvinyl Chloride Resins Vegetable Oils
Isocyanate Resins Polyvinyl Acetate Resins Vinyl Acetate
Properties - DOT Class - Precautions
Tested as low as 30°F liquid Viscosity as water
Appearance, 30°F-125° colorless Solubility in Water miscible
Odor mild Solubility in Hydrocarbons negligible
Specific Gravity 1.01 Flash Point, °F 242
pH, as is 7 DOT-Hazard Label none

Avoid contact with skin and especially eyes; in case of contact flush with water, eyes for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. Use with adequate ventilation. For industrial use only. Keep out reach of children.

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