Chempace always has a solution for you!

Chempace Corporation was founded in 1968 with one basic principle

Our customers always come first. That same basic principle still holds true, and always will.

Our long-time customers know our mission statement to be true -however, our new customers soon realize we live up to our mission.

Through the years we have responded to our customers’ needs with innovative products keeping pace with changing trends and technology. Our number one mission is to provide our customers with quality products, excellent customer service and a competitive, affordable price.

As a specialty chemical manufacturer we offer a wide variety of products and formulas to meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for deodorants, cleaners, degreasers, or any other specialized products. Because at Chempace we always have a solution for you!

Our Mission

Chempace Corporation strives to build loyalty and develop long-term relationships with our business partners and co workers. Teamwork, dedication and an in-depth knowledge of our industry enable Chempace to proactively address the needs of our business partners worldwide.

Honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards are the hallmark of our success.

Chempace is committed to providing our business partners the highest quality products, excellent service and competitive, affordable prices.


Our Go Green Environment Statement

Introducing our new enviro-friendly logo for Chempace’s 100% biodegradable sanitation products. Our new green logo designates a commitment to the environment. It also quickly identifies products that have genuine environmental benefits including non-toxic and non-caustic ingredients. At Chempace we want sanitation professionals to know when they see our enviro-friendly logo they can trust the products are 100% green friendly!

Chempace has long been committed to being a responsible industry leader and helping the sanitation industry to find more solutions to their increasingly advancing industry through innovative products, insight, and better information.

Chempace is among the most highly recognized manufacturers in the sanitation industry, and is why, we are affectionately referred to as the Solution People.

Chempace - Environment Statement

Chempace Corporation and its associates will strive to consistently achieve and maintain the highest standards of environmental protection, health, and safety.

Educate our associates in sound environmental procedures to ensure the responsible management of health and safety with chemicals.

Conduct all of our business operations in such a way as to minimize any risk of adverse impact on the community and the environment.

Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, and where such requirements are less stringent than our own, comply with Chempace standards.

Foster openness and dialogue in responding to community concerns about health and safety with chemicals and their use.

Educate our associates in sound environmental procedures to ensure the responsible management of health and safety with chemicals.

Advise customers on the safe handling, use, and outcome of our chemicals.


Develop and maintain emergency preparedness plans in cooperation with federal, state, and local governmental officials.


Work diligently to resolve environmental issues that may arise from the handling, use, and outcome of our chemicals.

natural resouces

Manage natural resources to achieve their effective and efficient use throughout our operations.


Review, and take into account, environmental performance when determining compensation of general managers, plant managers, and other supervisory associates.


Evaluate and, where appropriate, use technology in a timely fashion to enhance our environmental stewardship with the community.


Share our environmental expertise with our suppliers, our customers, and the community.


Consider our suppliers’ environmental concerns and help when making procurement decisions.


Pursue awards and recognition that acknowledge environmental, health, and safety excellence and leadership.