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Chempace International Distributors Industrial Solutions Municipality Solutions Septic & Grease Haulers Contract Packaging and Private Labeling by Chempace
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& Masking Sprays

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Fragrance Enhancer

Concentrated liquid masking spray used to control odors and enhance the air quality. Use as a concentrate or dilute up to 50% with water.

Available Fragrances: Wild Cherry, Bubblegum, Citrus, Tropical Paradise, Mystic Breeze,
Fresh n Clean, and Raspberry

Packaging:• 4 x 1 gallon case
• 5 gallon pail
• 55 gallon drum

Deodorant Wafers

Aroma Blast Fragrance Wafers
Freshens the air for up to 30 days. This wafer can be hung in a variety of areas. An excellent alternative to sprays.

Available Fragrances: Spiced Apple, Mango & Soft Linen

Packaging:• 12 wafers per case

Waves Urinal Deodorizer
A unique, enviro-safe alternative to para-blocks. Contains 10X more fragrance than vinyl screens. Eliminates odors in the urinal drain for up to thirty days. The mat design reduces splash back cutting cleaning time. Eliminates odors in urinals by continuously releasing bacteria. VOC compliant.

Available Fragrances: Spiced Apple, Mango, Soft Linen

Packaging:• 10 screens per case

Neutralizing Deodorant

Highly concentrated liquid neutralizing deodorant. Simply mist area to suppress malodors immediately.
Non-oily and non-staining.

Available Fragrances: Wild Cherry

Packaging:• 4 x 1 gallon case
• 5 gallon pail
• 55 gallon drum

Pump Oil Additive

Improve the integrity of your service with our odor control products for your pump truck.
Ever- Fresh is a pump oil deodorant additive that mixes with the pump oil in your truck.
Ever-Fresh is oil based so will not change the viscosity of your oil. Only 2 oz. per gallon of pump oil.

Available Fragrances: Wild Cherry, Citrus and Fresh Cotton

Packaging:• 1/2 gallon
• 1 gallon

Scent Unit Additive

Cherry Fresh
A deodorant / odor control additive designed for use in truck scent unit boxes. Counteracts unpleasant odors as you pump.

Also Available In Citrus

Packaging:• 4 x 1 gallon case


Cherry Fresh XL
Concentrated formula of Cherry Fresh for ultimate odor control on jobs such as grease traps.

Also Available In Citrus

Packaging:• 1 gallon
• 5 gallon pail

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