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Chempace International Distributors Industrial Solutions Municipality Solutions Septic & Grease Haulers Contract Packaging and Private Labeling by Chempace
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bioForce Biological Digestants
bioForce Biological Digestants
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Bricks / Cubes
bioForce™ Blocks / Cubes

bioForce™ Bricks
Bacterial grease digester for lift stations and grease traps. Solid, bacteria brick that dissolves slowly, providing continuous treatment for grease traps, lift stations, and wet wells. Controls grease, sludge, fats/oils and build-ups, while keeping areas odor-free. Greatly reduces labor time. Gradually dissolves over a 30-90 day period which allows for continuous treatment and degradation of waste. For maximum efficiency use in conjunction with bioForce packets.

Available in:• 8 oz. brick
• 2 lb. brick
• 5 lb. brick
• 10 lb. brick
• 30 lb. brick

bioForce™ Cubes
bioFORCE ™ Cube is an improved biological product, specifically formulated and packaged for use in lift stations with low flow.

Available in:• 2 lb. cube
• 5 lb. cube
• 10 lb. cube
• 30 lb. cube

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