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Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

Concrete Seal #600C or Prime

Chempace concrete seals fulfill the basic requirements of a good concrete seal:
a) By sealing the pores they prevent dusting and protect form spills.
b) By smoothing the surface they improve appearance and make cleaning easier.
c) It provides a high gloss, long lasting wear, chemical resistance, and slip resistance.
d) Worn areas can be recoated and the recoat will blend uniformly.

Not all seals can be used for all jobs. All the seals that can be used for a specific job are not equally good for that job. Details below on each seal provide the information needed for selection. Important differences are:
a) Resistance to chemicals.
b) Suitability for use over existing coating.
c) Cost, coverage, drying time, and hazards are involved in application.
d) Ease of application -- #600C requires etched floors and more skill.
e) Durability and hardness that will determine wear resistance and life expectancy.

General Recommendations

Use #600C where possible. It gives the results most people want - high gloss with one coat, maximum protection, and longest wear; usually at lowest long-term cost.

Use Prime if only moderate resistance to spilled chemicals is required and if quick, simple application is essential with minimum preparation and quick drying.

Concrete Seal #600C

Oil-modified urethane, 40% solids in mineral spirits, combustible, air-dry.

Very high gloss, usually with one coat. Amber, almost colorless on floor. Excellent wear resistance, long life. Very hard, durable seal; maximum hardness that permits recoating without "sanding" as is required for moisture-cure urethanes.

Use on unsealed concretes which is at least one week old, clean, etched, and dry. Use over previous coats of #600C or most other solvent-base seals. Do not use over Prime or other water-base seals; do not use over waxes. Previously-sealed concrete must be clean and dry; any area where previous seal did not adhere should be considered unsealed concrete. In most cases, floors can be cleaned and etched in one operation; see "Clean-N-Etch" for floor preparations. Use anywhere above grade; use at or below grade only after testing for hydrostatic pressure - test with rubber mat on floor for 24 hours, edges taped; if dry under mat, #600C may be used.

Highly resistant to water, acid, alkali, detergents, petroleum oils, grease, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, alcohols, glycols, beverages, fruit juices, lard, tallow, vegetable oils, fatty acids, aliphatic solvents, aromatic solvents except benzene, chlorinated solvents except methylene chloride.

Ready for use as received, no mixing needed. Apply to large areas with wool applier or squeegee, use paint brush for small areas; roller must be used with caution to prevent bubbles. Ventilate for drying and to reduce vapor inhalation. One coat is enough to seal and usually enough for high gloss; rarely, use two coats.

COVERAGE: 400 sq ft per gallon first coat; other coats, 600 sq ft.
DRY TIME: 12 hours between coats. 24 hours before traffic.


Acrylic resin, 18% solids in water, non-combustible, air-dry

One coat is enough to seal; multiple coats are required for high gloss. Odorless, white emulsion, colorless on the floor. Has long life and good wear resistance under foot and light rubber-wheel traffic; NOT suitable for industrial steel-wheel traffic. Use on raw concrete or over previous coats of Prime, #600C, and most other seals and curing agents; NOT over wax. Use anywhere above grade; use at or below grade only if there is no hydrostatic pressure. Good resistance to water, acids, alkalies, except ammonia, detergents, beverages, fruit juices, most oils; NOT strong solvents.

Raw concrete must be at least one week old, clean and dry. Previously-sealed concrete must be clean and dry. Etching is not necessary but is recommended since it improves adhesion and cost no more that cleaning only if "Clean-N-Etch" is used.

Ready for use as received, no mixing needed. Apply with met mop, applier, squeegee, roller, or paint brush. Ventilate for drying. One coat is enough to seal; for high gloss and longer wear, use 2 or 3 coats.

COVERAGE: 1000 sq ft per gallon first coat; other coats, 2000 sq ft.
DRY TIME: 1 hour between coats. 1 hour before traffic.

Maintenance of Chempace Concrete Seals

Use any maintenance method suitable for dirt conditions - sweep, dust-mops, damp-mop, wet-mop, machine-scrub, autoscrub. If there is no hydrostatic pressure and if feasible considering probable spills and type of traffic, any finish or wax may be used as a top, protective coat and then maintained as any waxed floor; thus protected, seal will last indefinitely.

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