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Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

Thick, Paint-On Type Wax Stripper and Grease Remover
For Floor Edges, Base Boards, Coves, Exhaust Vents, Other Heavy Soil

Grip-N-Strip is a thick, semi-liquid which will cling to a vertical surface long enough to penetrate the wax or grease film whereas any liquid cleaning solution will run off.

It quickly and completely strips multiple coats of wax, floor finish, soap film and general soil from baseboards, floor edges, furniture legs, file cabinet bases, floor coves, door kick plates, shower room walls, exhaust vents and similar surfaces.

Use on vinyl, asphalt, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo, magnesite, concrete, sealed wood, poured urethane floors, ceramic and plastic wall tile, all metals. Trial is recommended before using on other surfaces.

To Use

Apply Grip-N-Strip full strength. Apply to vertical surfaces with a nylon paint brush. For large floor areas, pour directly on the floor and spread with a suitable brush. Coat the surface heavily to retard drying. LET STAND FOR 5 MINUTES; longer if necessary to penetrate film. Test for film penetration with a dull knife or finder nail.

When film is softened, apply enough water to wet the surface and scrub at once with a floor stripping pad or a stiff-bristle brush. For very thick wax films, more water may be required while scrubbing. When film is removed, pick up dirty solution and rinse thoroughly.

When removing heavy wax films, the stripping pad or scrub brush must be rinsed frequently to remove accumulated wax.

Grip-N-Strip is also an effective general-purpose cleaner when used at common dilutions of 2 to 12 ounces per gallon of water.

Use Precautions

Grip-N-Strip is milder on the skin than common wax strippers; gloves are not required unless the hands will be immersed for long periods. Avoid contact with eyes. It has little effect on oil-base enamels, but may affect some water-base paints. Contains ammonia - use ample ventilation to dispel fumes.


Clear, red, thick liquid. Ammoniated. Non-Flammable. Biodegradable.

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