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Industrial Cleaning and Degreaser Solutions

Gentle Giant RTU
“Green Technology” Multi-Purpose, pH Neutral Hard Surface Cleaner

Now an EPA Approved Safer Choice Product - Click to learn more!

Tough BUT Totally Green Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution! Gentle Giant RTU is the next generation of “Green Technology” ready-to-use cleaner. Our advanced formula is designed for use as a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner capable of removing stubborn industrial contaminants including grease and oil.

Packaging:• Drum, Tote, Bulk

New Safer Choice Label - EPA Approved!

Citrisafe RTU
Citrus Foaming Spray & Wipe Cleaner. A ready-to-use, d-limonene-fortified spray and wipe cleaner degreaser designed to penetrate and remove tough soils, greases and oils from hard surfaces. Safe for daily use in maintaining work stations, desks, countertops, tables or any hard surface not harmed by water. This high foaming natural solvent cleaner quickly penetrates soils and leaves behind a fresh citrus fragrance.

Vanguard / Wipe Out Graffiti Remover
A ready to use liquid graffiti remover. Simply spray it on the desired area, let it stand for a few moments and wash, wipe or hose off the surface. VANGUARD is great for loosening scale build-up in tanks and urinals.

Concentrates (Normally Diluted Before Use):

Multi-Purpose Detergent. Liquid. USDA-authorized. Recommended as the principal detergent for most building maintenance -- it usually provides the greatest user satisfaction and the lowest-cost cleaning. Use on all washable surfaces. Easy on hands. Highly concentrated -- normal usage is about 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of water. Thick, aqua-green, citrus odor; details on request.

Ready-To-Use Liquids:

Window Cleaner and Light Duty Detergent. Use in any hand sprayer - - much cheaper than aerosols, save about 75%. Blue, mild ammonia odor; details on request.

Syndet #6811
Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner. Use in any hand sprayer. Use on most washable hard surfaces. Use as pre-wash spot remover for fabrics. Similar to "Fantastik" by Texise and to "Formula 409" by Clorox. Green, mild odor; details on request.

Ready-To-Use Aerosols:

Mr. Quick
Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner. For same uses as Syndet #6811 above; details on request.

Concentrates (Normally Diluted Before Use):

Cardite #422
Heavy Duty Detergent - Noncombustible Degreaser. Liquid.
USDA-authorized cleaner for industrial uses such as autoscrubbing concrete or wood-block floors where a product containing caustic soda can be used. Amber, negligible odor, low viscosity, low foam up to 100F, very low foam over 100F. Details on request.

Garage Floor Cleaner - Heavy Duty Detergent. Powder.
Brown, moist, dustless, mild odor. Details on request.

Heavy Duty Detergent - Noncombustible Degreaser. Liquid.
Use with pressure washer, steam cleaner, hand sprayer, or wet mop. Very effective on high accumula- tions of machine oil. Will not harm sensitive metals such as aluminum or other soft metals or alloys. High foam shows area sprayed. Use hot or cold. Blue, mild odor, low viscosity. Details on request.

Heavy Duty Detergent - Noncombustible Degreaser. Liquid.
Similar to Atlas above but specially inhibited to protect to protect sensitive metals like aluminum and magnesium. Atlas cleans faster and better. Spraysolv is recommended where long contact time or high concentration is required on sensitive metals. Purple, mild odor, low viscosity, low foam up to 100F, very low foam over 100F. Details on request.


Mr. Quick
Heavy Duty Detergent - Noncombustible Degreaser. Aerosol.
For same uses as Syndet #6811 below. Details on request.

Syndet #6811
Heavy Duty Detergent - Noncombustible Degreaser. Liquid.
Use in any hand sprayer. Use on most washable, hard surfaces. Use as pre-wash spot remover for fabrics. Similar to "Fantastik" by Texise and to "Formula 409" by Clorox. Green, mild odor. Details on request.


Static Inhibitor. Liquid. Prevents shocks from static electricity. Ready to use. Spray on carpet after vacuuming or after cleaning. Blue, opaque; details on request.

Carpet Steam-Cleaning Compound. Powder. Low Foam. For use in "steam" machines or by similar injection-extraction methods. White, slight lemon odor; details on request.


High Residual Deodorant Cleaner. Liquid. "Fresh" odor.
Fragrance lasts long after other products have faded. Spray full strength for maximum deodorizing effect. An excellent bathroom fixture cleaner when diluted. Amber color, low viscosity; details on request.

Sump Cleaner
Heavy Duty Detergent Complex for Sump and Machine Cleaning. Liquid Deodorant. Fresh Fragrance. Contains n-alkyl dimethyl ethylbenzyl and benzyl ammonium chlorides. Red, low viscosity.

Deodorant-Absorbent. Powder.
Sprinkle on spills and vomit; let stand until absorbed. Details on request.

For complete removal of floor waxes and finishes, including metal-interlock finishes which are formulated so that they can be scrubbed with heavy-duty detergents without removing the finish., These products are capable of such a thorough job that multiple coats of finish, or seal and finish, are required to secure gloss. Use only when a thorough reconditioning job is intended. If intent is to clean and restore gloss with a single coat of finish, use a heavy-duty janitorial detergent or a multipurpose janitorial detergent. Wax and Finish Removers are also excellent for many other heavy-duty cleaning applications.

Wax and Finish Remover. Liquid.
An ammoniated cleaner which usually provides the quickest and cheapest removal of waxes and finishes. At normal use dilution's, ammonia odor is apparent but not irritating to most people. Red, moderate viscosity; details on request.

Wax and Finish Remover - Noncombustible Degreaser. Thick, Semi-Liquid.
Thick enough to cling to baseboards, furniture legs, file bases, exhaust vents, and similar surfaces where a liquid would run off. Apply full strength with a paint brush or similar tool.. Red, ammoniated; details on request.

Waxstrip #62
Wax and Finish Remover. Liquid.
A non-ammoniated cleaner. Recommended for use where ammonia odor is objectionable. Red, citrus odor, odorless at use dilution, moderate viscosity; details on request.

Wax Strip #75
No-rinse Wax and Finish Remover. Liquid.
Use when fast results and zero foam are required. Non-ammoniated. Light amber, mild odor, moderate viscosity; details on request.


Floor Seal. For all floors. Excellent one coat primer, seal, and undercoater for floors that will be top-coated with finish or wax. May also be used without top coat to seal floors where strong chemicals such as ammonia or solvents will not be spilled and where steel wheel traffic is very limited.

Highly resistant to water, detergents, and many dilute chemicals; quick dry--less than one hour; easy to apply with mop or applier; dries clear and glossy; not fire hazard; no solvent vapors.

White, opaque, water-base liquid; and emulsion of acrylic resins; details on request.

Routine Maintenance: Ready To Use

A multi-purpose, hard working formula that cleans through chemical action and does not require excessive rubbing. It is ideal for most surfaces and is fortified with ammonia to clean and dry fast, without leaving streaks or residue. Gleem is perfect for small cleanups or on large surface areas. The fast foaming action stays where you spray it, quickly lifting away soils. It is convenient to use and powerful too. This glass and surface cleaner makes all cleaning tasks quick and easy. this product contains no harmful abrasives and the unique spray pattern covers a wide surface area for maximum economical use.


  • Aluminum
  • Appiances
  • Bathtubs and sinks
  • Chandeliers
  • Chrome
  • Non tinted windows
  • Formica
  • Leather
  • Mirrors
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Porcelain
  • Showcases
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tile
  • Plastic

Glass Glo
The perfect product for multi surfaces. Not only does it quickly penetrate dust, smoke, grease and grime on all glass and window surfaces, but it is also excellent for cleaning stainless steel, formica, plastic, porcelain and chrome. Glass Glo is non-streaking / non-smearing and leaves surfaces squeaky clean allowing them to remain cleaner, longer.


  • Windows
  • Stainless Steel
  • Windshields
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Appliances
  • Refrigerators
  • Formica
  • Mirrors
  • Showcases
  • Chrome


Cardite #623
Scum Remover/Rust Remover/Metal Brightener. Liquid. Removes soap film and hard-water film. Removes light rust. Cleans and brightens aluminum, stainless steel and other architectural metals. Recommended as grout cleaner for OCCASIONAL use for severe conditions -- regular use will affect grout. CAUTION on marble and terrazzo. USDA Authorized. Colorless, unscented; contains phosphoric acid, solvent and surfactant; details on request.

Scum Remover. Liquid. Removes soap film and hard-water film. Most common application is cleaning shower-room walls. Defilm is recommended for regular use where conditions are not severe -- it is less effective than Cardite #623 above but some people are reluctant to use an acid product. Clear, blue; details on request.

Chem Creme
Scouring Cleaner. Semi-Liquid, containing a mild abrasive. Recommended for porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, Formica and other surfaces where a mild abrasive cleaner is helpful but the coarse abrasives in most scouring powders may dull the surface. Packed in quarts only. USDA Authorized. White, opaque, pleasant odor; details on request.


Metal Polish. Liquid. Cleans and polishes all metals and other hard surfaces. Apply with a soft cloth and rub until tarnish disappears. Polish with a clean cloth, wet or dry. Light gray. Mildly abrasive.

SS Polish
Metal Polish. Aerosol. For stainless steel and other metals. Details on request.


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